You might have guessed by the URL that you have stumbled upon Taneli Rautio’s little piece of the ‘net.

I am a programmer and software engineer. But no one is perfect. 🙂 I love nerd humor, all kinds of games and programming. Working out in a gym and running  keeps my head clear and body fit (so far I have run two marathons and a bunch of half-marathons). Some misty years ago I went to study in University of Oulu and some years later departed as a Master of Science (Technology).

In the past I’ve worked in the University of Oulu as a Researcher. My diploma thesis and research was focused on mobile data mining. In the beginning of the year 2010 I found myself in Espoo, doing software engineering stuff in a telecommunications company. Lately I have been working in the game industry, which has been my dream and goal since I was nine years old.

Learning new technologies and software have always driven me forward: during my career I have used different programming languages and various libraries and frameworks. I like especially reading about engineering methodologies and practices and trying them first-hand.

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