My Own Projects

Here you can find my programming projects. The source codes
are usually released to public by using Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License or MIT license. The media files used in games may have various licenses (mostly Public Domain or other CC variants, read more from the documentation of the projects).

Why are these projects hosted here and not for example in GitHub or BitBucket? I use my own local server for version controlling purposes and I see no benefit to  duplicate my repositories in other places. Especially when some of my projects use for example proprietary  assets that I cannot share with others.


European Water Vole Attack (2014) [Unity3D, C#]

  • A homage to 8-bit action games. Eat all the carrots and evade the poison flow. Original version of this game was made for Ludum Dare 48 hour solo game development competition.

Almost Human Ltd. Rapid Development Scripts (2013-2014) [Python]

  • Extension plugin for Sublime Text 3 code editor. Used in creation of the game Legend of Grimrock 2.

Pyramid solitaire (2013) [Unity3D, C#]

  • Pyramid solitaire. Made as a Christmas gift for my parents.

Match The Blocks (2013) [Unity3D, C#]

  • Match The Blocks is a 3D children’s puzzle game.

Bmp2dds (2013) [C++]

  • Tool for converting BMP files to DXT1 (BC1) compressed DDS files.

Terra Magus (2012) [AS3]

  • Terra Magus is a puzzle game in Match 3 genre.

Joutsan kuntosali (2012) [Wordpress]

  • I created a website for a gym in Joutsa.

Stuballs (2011) [C++]

  • Stuballs is a basic Breakout clone.

Solitaire (2010) [Java]

  • Klondike game written mostly for practicing Test Driven Development.

Animal Memory Game (2010) [Java]

  • Animal Memory Game written for my two-year old niece.

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