Animal Memory Game (2010)

Every journey starts with a single step. In my case the first completed step in game development was this.

This game was written for my two years old niece. She is (or at least was at the time this game was written) a huge fan of animals (and Moomin characters, but unfortunately they are copyrighted, so animals have to suffice).

The game consists of a 5×4 grid with 10 pairs of animals. Whenever player finds pairs, the appropriate sound of the animal is blasted through the speakers. There are 30 different animal cards, so there is some replayability. Game has three resolutions (the suitable resolution is decided by the game at startup), making the game board fit to netbook as well as to HD resolution screen. Technologies used were Java 2D and Swing. Programming-wise this game is very simple but I had lots of fun playing this with my niece.

All pictures and sounds used are Public Domain and are gathered around the Internet.

Install Java runtime environment from here if you do not have Java installed.

MemoryGame (7 MB, zipped executable JAR)
MemoryGame_source  (7 MB, zipped NetBeans project)

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