European Water Vole Attack (2014)

European Water Vole Attack
European Water Vole Attack

In this hardcore simulator you are a vole and your mission is eat all the carrots before an angry farmer fills your tunnels with poison! This is a homage to old Commodore 64 and 8-bit Nintendo era action games. The original version of this game was made in Ludum Dare 48 hour solo game creation competition. I polished it from here and there, added new graphics and music, and most importantly included online high scores.

The game draws inspiration from the old classics such as Boulder Dash, Pipe Mania and Oil’s Well.

The game is written with C# and uses Unity3D engine. Go to to test the game (requires Unity Web Player).

The Unity project can be grabbed from here: (16,7 MB)

Bunch of obvious ideas disguised with technojargon and unclear writing