Stuballs (2011)

Stuballs is yet another Breakout clone inspired by DX-Ball, an old classic from the mid 90’s. Player controls the paddle with mouse and tries to break all the tiles on each level without losing the ball.

The game is written using C++ and it works in Windows XP/Vista/7. Probably it works with Windows 8, too. Currently the game features:

  • Main and Options menu
  • Six levels with changing backgrounds
  • Particle effects when ball hits the tiles
  • Highscores
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Support for fullscreen and windowed mode

This game is mostly used as a learning platform for SFML library and SPARK particle engine. Sound and music is done via BASS audio library. I chose a simple game so I could focus on implementing quickly all kinds of extra functionality. All the levels are parsed from XML, making it easy to write more levels. Some game options (for example ball speed) and highscores are also parsed from XML.

Windows installer: stuballs-demo12-setup (5.3MB)
Source code (Visual Studio 2010 project): Stuballs-demo-12-src (76 kB)

NOTE: Stuballs is built with modified version of the SFML 1.6 library (to get the mouse grabbing work inside a window). To build the game successfully you’ll need of course SFML 1.6 library. You have to also undefine SFML_WINDOWS_HANDLE.

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