Terra Magus (2012)

terramagus1 terramagus2

Terra Magus is a casual Match 3 game in the style of Bejeweled and Cradle of Rome. This game is written for ActionScript 3.0 – Game programming course in Arcada university of applied sciences.

I am a huge fan of Match 3 genre and I thought this would be good way to introduce myself to the world of ActionScript. Most of the games in the genre are time based (meaning that you have to make enough matches in certain time to advance to next level) so I decided to make this a turn based game. You have only certain amount of available moves and each tile match reduces one. The ways to get more moves is to match special “health” tiles or match 4 or 5 tiles. Each level will have a different objective and level loader supports grids of various size where some tiles can be empty or blocked.

Newest version of the game is 1.1. If you want to play the game online, you will need Flash Player. The game can be found from http://www.terramagus.net.

I also tested playability of this game in my mobile phone with the help of Adobe AIR. Only minor tweaks were needed to get this to run in my Android phone.

Source code without assets: TerraMagus_src (418 KB)

Bunch of obvious ideas disguised with technojargon and unclear writing